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Motorola DTR410 Digital Two-way Radio

Make: Motorola
Category: Radio
Model: DTR410
Product Description:

The Motorola DTR410 is the radio that most schools choose when making their decision in adding two way radios to their school safety and security communications plan! Why?
Most people do not realize this but most business class radios require a license from Industry Canada to legally operate at a cost of $41 per radio, per year, every year! Ouch! That can add up and that can also be an annual headache! The Motorola DTR Series operates on a 900 MHz frequency which is license free! There are no licensing fees ever! If it’s license free you’re probably thinking that you must be giving something up, right? Wrong!
With analog radios, you often experience a static or crackling noise in the reception especially as your radios get closer to being out of range. With the DTR Series you get crystal clear sound wherever you are as long as you are within range.
The DTR410 has coverage up to 300,000 square feet/25 storeys, comparable to the most powerful analog two way radios.
With analog radios you have several channels that you can assign different groups to. You must switch channels in order to communicate with different groups. With the DTR Series you can program “USERS” into each radio. This gives you the ability to call the entire group (which is the default setting) as well as calling an individual for a private conversation. You do not need to change channels, simply scroll through your contact list and select one of your contacts to have a private conversation.
The DTR410™ digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for schools and small businesses alike to communicate. It also offers enhanced performance with wide coverage, longer battery life and clear, crisp audio. Digital one-to-many calling networks with other DTR radios on the same group ID and channel, for enhanced compatibility.

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Digital one-to-many group call
Allows other DTR radios on same group ID and channel to communicate.

Lithium ion battery
Gives extra-long battery life—up to 14.5 hours of operation per full charge.

Rugged, compact polycarbonate housing
Offers comfort, with rubber overmold.

Durable design
Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes.

Full-graphic backlit display
Uses contrast adjustment and backlight timer and provides battery gauge.

Caller ID
Stores recent call list—up to last 20 transmissions.

Unit-to-unit configuration
Simplifies cloning operation, with via optional cable.

Performance Characteristics
Frequency band: 900 MHz ISM License Free
Power: 1w
Estimated battery life: Up to 14.5 hours*
Coverage area: Up to 300,000 square feet (25 floors)

Physical Characteristics
Display: Full
Keypad: None
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery): 5.2 x 2.3 x 1.4 in. (132.3x 57.2 x 35.4 mm)
Weight (with standard battery): 7.1 oz. (200.2 g)

Radio Features
Number of channels: Up to 5 contacts (Maximum 5 public groups)
Front panel programmable: Yes
Cloning: With cable

User Environment
Mil spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
FCC License-free: Yes

Standard Package
Standard capacity Li-Ion battery, drop in charging tray, 3-hr charger, swivel belt holster, trilingual user’s guide (CD), quick reference cards.

Standard warranty: 1 year

*(5/5/90 duty cycle, battery life will vary depending on features used)

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